By LN[5]

Connection to Harringay Warehouse District

Located in an industrial area and trying to fight with the gentrification of the city, our proposal tries to bring people closer to a meeting place for all kind of users. They will establish relationships with each other accompanied by art, music, food and leisure activities.
This intervention consists in a public building open to the street where everyone can approach, watch the activities that take place inside and enter to participate in the public regeneration of a space that can be replicated in different parts of London.

Proposal Outline

Balloon pavilion is a piece of architecture made by the community for the community. A plastic artifact that covers the plot like a floating cloud.
Six rings made of wood with different dimensions will settle a landscape that holds a great deal of activities during night and day. These rings will be suspended by a system of tensioned cables attached to a wood structure that will be placed in both sides of the pavilion. The rings will be covered by a continuous plastic in order to protect the below space from the rain, and to allow the passage of light.
With a fast construction and low costs, this piece or architecture will provided users with an ephemeral space where collective orchards and seed banks, food and charity markets, workshops, plays, music events, night parties will take place all week long.
The difference in measurement between the rings establishes variable relations among the ceiling, the ground and the activities. The cloud is transparent to collect all sunlight possible during the day and each ring is provided with led lights to interact with its surroundings in the nights. Balloon pavilion is the piece missing in Tottenham. A piece of urban life condensed under a cloud.