By Carlota Cabrera Ballesteros

Connection to Harringay Warehouse District

Having lived in the warehouses for multiple years it is obvious to me that our community in itself is as similar to a beehive as it can get, hence the main source of inspiration for this proposal.

The beauty of warehouse living lies in the co-existence of thousands of people who enjoy sharing and participating in the community experience that we are so lucky to have; I wanted to bring this sense of community, awareness and creativity through this proposal in order to show off the amazing world in which we live in.

Proposal Outline

Buzz is an interactive sculpture that allows its participants to play, explore and contemplate. Inspired by the Honey Trap at Burning Man 2010, this multileveled structure is both an installation and playground for people to explore and enjoy. It will not only be visually interesting and fun, but it will also carry a message of awareness. Bees are an essential to our ecosystem but the current global abuse of pesticides and chemicals is reducing their population substantially every year.

This design will create a space where both the audience ad the performers are invited to explore the structure and therefore breaking down the spacial barrier between the performer & the audience. It will not only be an stage throughout the day but also an interactive sculpture where people are welcomed to sit and enjoy the views & entertainment. Buzz will not only bring colour and theatre to the surrounding community but it will also aim to add more greenery to the current space.

The aim is to create a visually appealing and interactive installation using resources which will have a minimum impact on the environment, whilst sending a message about the importance of bees in our ecosystem. Sustainable building is an essential aspect of widening efforts to conceive an ecologically responsible world. Using locally sourced materials wherever possible will
reduce the amount of harmful fuel emissions as well as supporting local businesses and contributing to the