Celebrate The Shelter

By illumika

Connection to Harringay Warehouse District

We make spaces unique by inhabiting them. Harringay Warehouse District is a great metaphor for that. Simple, sharp and functional architecture saturated with unique inhabitants, emotions, feelings and visions produces heritage that is clearly visible but so fragile to the outside world.

Our approach is a reflection of this combination, an attempt to drive attention not to this specific case only, but to the process of creating unpredicted, unique and collaborative project. We will merge very personal and been used content into the archetypical clear shape.

Proposal Outline

Playing with emotions, provoking thinking and involving people being together is the goal of our work. We highlight the advantage of collaboration in protecting fragile distinctive values against stormy surrounding world.

1. The shape.
The structure we offer resembles original warehouses with its shape and proportions. Scaffolding hired for the exhibition time period and assembled with the help of volunteers will save costs on the construction.
But the structure itself doesn’t help the fest program. It cannot provide any character, infrastructure or shelter to the pavilion. It is impersonal.

2. The content.
Before going into production and assembly of the pavilion, we propose to make an open call for the project support. We are looking to collect around 500 of used umbrellas of any kind, shape or color.
The wider variation – the better, random items reflect the personality of their former owners, just like the warehouses retain the individuality of its inhabitants. There is one more major similarity: both are (were) used as a private (personal) shelter. So donated umbrellas become a symbol of personal efforts that are combined together and transformed into a public space for anyone to enjoy.

3. The light.
Pavilion’s shadow ornament during the day and lighting environment in the dark is the connection layer. Light is vital to support different scenarios for the events and exhibitions that will happen during the fest. It will bring emotions and experience to remember. We propose to rent lighting equipment as well.

4. Different scenarios.
Heavy hydrophobic curtains suspended on the scaffolding help to zone and organise the space of the pavilion. The building either could be split into sections or used as a whole open/closed space depending on the event program.

5. Re-use / re-shape.
The pavilion could be relocated, split into sections, reshaped or totally deconstructed and re-cycled after the fair is over. Each section is 6×4 meters inside and 6 meters high. Side pylons are 1m width each. Assembled pavilion dimensions are 16×8 meters.