Cloud Project

By Franco Galli architect

Connection to Harringay Warehouse District

The proposal of the “Cloud Project” has the initiative to generate the least impact in its context, that is why we use translucent elements generating a connection between its interior and exterior, in order to bring the community of Harringay Warehouse District closer to this great meeting.
The project is like a cloud, recognizing the pavilion as something ephemeral and translucent, making it part of the place in a delicate and subtle way.

Proposal Outline

Cloud Project:

The proposal is to generate different perimeters that overlap each other, generating different routes and areas to complement each other through programming.
These rings are 4 where one of them is intended to create a space for audiovisual representations. These perimeter rings are constructed from a Metalcom base and covered with a translucent fabric, allowing you to see inside.
The project seeks to generate 3 aspects:
1. Create a job based on the lowest cost, but spatially contributing to a great touring experience.
2. It promotes easy installation and easy dismantling of work, generating the least amount of waste possible.
3. The simplicity of the proposal and the less intervention inside provides a space free of different interventions, this helps different exhibitors to have a larger space with a greater number of spectators.

The proposal, as indicated above, presents different programmatic rings, these are:
The main ring capable of generating a perimeter and occupying the largest amount of floor space.
The second largest ring capable of providing a stage and performance area.
The third ring is to protect all the technical aspects for the lighting or the audiovisual environment presented by the pavilion.
And the last one capable of defining the different engravings before reaching the interior of the project, generating a maze between the engravers.
The material is essential in this project. These fabrics allow the perimeters to be blurred and generate a series of planes when walking through the pavilion. Furthermore, these translucent walls can be used at night as surfaces to project different visual materials onto them.