Communal Factory

By Gleb Galkin

Connection to Harringay Warehouse District

Harringay district combines in itself industrial past and vibrant atmosphere of a re-defined communal present and future.
Inspired by this social and urban phenomenon, the idea of creating an homage to this transition came by combining the physical elements of the ‘past’ with meanings of ‘today’.

Proposal Outline

Communal factory project is a cultural tool for overcoming the differences of times and connection of people with different backgrounds and interests. The connection which is essential for a successful social interaction. The core concept of Communal Factory project is a mix of industrial components with contemporary materials to shape public space open for every person and any kind of event.
Basic element of the proposed structure is a steel framework of simple profile, which can be taken out from the dismantled buildings or unused stocks. All found materials should be divided into two categories – pillars and beams according to their weight, span and condition.
After the examination process a detailed design phase will follow for the exact arrangement of all elements on site to create a balanced structure witch can be efficiently used for any kind of event.
Pillar+beam “T-elements” will be created to support and suspend any equipment, from screens and projectors to physical training hardware, depending on the particular occasion.
Here are several possible event-related scenarios:
• Weekend markets (food, gardening, craftsmen, etc.)
• Cinema
• Lectures and presentations
• Exhibitions
• Sport and training exercises
• Gatherings (public discussions, celebrations, parties, etc.)
• Lounge and Bar
This list can obviously be expanded and more events can be added with ease, since the proposed structure is designed to be a framework, flexible for any activity.
Above framework structure the membrane cover is placed to wrap the pavilion space in a casual manner, protects visitors from harsh rains and afternoon sunshine, and also to shape the entrance by uplifting the membrane as a stage curtain.
A contrast between the rigidness of steel elements and membrane’s textile-like lightness and wind driven waving is emphasising the essence of nature – constant development and changing in a search for balanced existence.