Container Park

Siket Kristóf, Rostás Regina, Puskás Adél, Bánkuti Balázs

Connection to Harringay Warehouse District

Shipping containers are industrially used units. With the application of suburban materials, like big glass surfaces, terraces and the park-shaped gardens, our top priority was to create a balance between the industrial and suburban site. With the roofed, dense passage, and its ‘gate-like” look, we wish to refer to gentrification, thinking of it as an entrance for residents and businesses with the hope of peaceful coexistence. But most importantly Container Park could be a place where all locals of every social class have the chance to learn, play, work and have fun together.

Proposal Outline

Our design for Tottenham Pavilion creates a multiple, extensively usable and enjoyable public realm space for the local community. The structural units are shipping containers which are rather easy to move and shape, that’s why its architectural use is getting more and more widespread. Our main concept was to establish a simple and youthful building with a nice atmosphere. This is the reason why this material was an obvious choice for us. Moreover, it could be a great opportunity to express the industrial aspect of the district.
A major multifunctional space includes toilets and a bar which are located on the ground floor. The multifunctional space (containing three containers) is suitable for holding workshops, markets and plays. It could be also a benefit that this space could be separated if needed. The bar offers a great opportunity for recreation with access to the garden, where children can play and adults can also enjoy their time or have a nice drink outdoors.
The upper floor contains a spacious exhibition room with a terrace. The exhibition room could also be perfect for different gatherings, meetings, talks or celebrations. It is designed to be a bright space with large windows. The terrace serves the arrival and it also has recreational functions. The main advantage of this separated layout is that different sorts of events can be held at the same time up and downstairs.