CORAL ATTIC: ideas to share

By Alina Holovatiuk

Connection to Harringay Warehouse District

The shape of the “Attic” pavilion came from the characteristic slopes of Harringey’s furniture factories, which later turned into warehouses. The telescopic form symbolizes the district itself, which is home to various extraordinary and creative people, molding one community. And finally, the boxes (with the ability of being changed, moved and be replaced) themselves symbolize the warehouses and many creative ideas that can fill the pavilion frame.

Proposal Outline

The pavilion comprises of 5 sections, that could be used for different activities as well as being combined into one space. It consists of wooden desk, rectangle wooden frame (imitating the shape of former furniture fabrics, which is common for the district), painted in coral red and wooden boxes, mounted along the wooden lathing, and also painted in coral red. Glass/Suntuf polycarbonate panels could be added to close side faces and hole-boxes to protect against rain or wind if needed. Also the boxes could be easily replaced, moved or changed for various type of event. Hole – boxes creating cozy and free-and-easy atmosphere both in the morning ( when sun rays entering the space) and in the evening with the light bulbs. Pavilion could be disassembled in short time and moved to another area.