Everything under one roof

By Redpath

Connection to Harringay Warehouse District

The existing industrial landscape of the warehouse district although not designed to be lived in has been adapted and appropriated as a live/work environment. Life has found its way, with relatively little adaption. The main idea taken from the warehouse district and its community comes from the architecture acting as a carapace beneath which community, culture and life have been nourished and allowed to develop in its own natural and ad-hoc manner.

Proposal Outline

_A roof_
The basic idea of the proposal is to offer a roof, which defines a new space without occupying it. The construction of a roof over territory is the first act of shelter. The roof domestics the space beneath it and defines that space. The space can then be a diverse space for gathering / sharing / performing.

_A colour_
The warehouse district is one that is full of colours. This wild pallet colours sometimes represent disparate things, from the colourful graffiti of current and past residents to the redness of the brick in the background representing the sites former use and pragmatism. The proposal wants to offer one colour. RED. Which can be applied over different materials, surfaces and forms as a unifying layer. The district is a wonderful collage of architecture, people and culture, the pavilion aims to bring those people together under one roof and give them a space to celebrate, share and express. One simple colour applied to the structure and the floor and fencing provide a quiet yet vibrant background for each individual to unite within.

_A form_
The form comes from the saw-tooth roof, which is an element of warehouse architecture that can be found throughout the Harringay warehouse district. The saw-tooth roof is often constructed from trusses with a right-angle triangle, which makes it simple and easy to construct. The idea is to use a simple and familiar form but with a new meaning. The proposal is built from two right-angle triangles which depend on each other for stability. The first forms the main structure of pavilion and stands tall among its context, its both the footing and the backbone of the pavilion. Furthermore, it offers a large facade to the street which can be used as a display for the passing traffic or perhaps simply as a large red facade it already does enough to intrigue and bring-in anyone passing by. The second triangle reaches out towards the greenery and offers a generous canopy or roof to protect the space beneath.

_A Space_
The space is somehow separated into two. The area under the tall volume acts as access and circulation for the main space which, underneath the increasing ceiling height, opens up towards the greenery and that becomes a natural boundary or backdrop. The greenery is perhaps the most pleasant quality of the site, and its incorporation as a fundamental element into the project has always been important.