Firmness & Openness


Connection to Harringay Warehouse District

1. The form and space of my design try to represent the SPIRITS and also the DEMANDS of Harringay Warehouse District. People need a quiet environment working on what they love and share the idea with each other, meanwhile, they also want to produce more value by activating this area and have to do some propaganda.

2. The collage of different volumes suggests the VARIETY and the HARMONY of the district.

3. The detailed space design is inspired by the district TYPICAL ELEMENTS, such as mezzanines, bricks, pitched roofs, and terraces. And it strengthens the unique environment.

Proposal Outline

The proposal tried to translate the spirits of this district to architectural language. Volumes in different inclined directions are introduced to distinguish each function and create a rich conversation of views and spaces both indoor and outdoor.
The highlights of the design are the following:

1. Generally, the pavilion has THREE PARTS. The showcase part has a facade with giant glass facing Seven Sister Road. The communication part is a long volume with brick along the Eade Road echoing industrial history. The creative part provides separate spaces for workshops, blocked by the communication part from the streets.

2. The direction of the building avoids the orthogonal relation to the surrounding buildings. The FLEXIBILITY also suggests the creativity and adaptability of the people here. The play of volumes seems to be complicated, but the order between them hints the POWER of SELF-GROW and ABILITY to ADAPT to the environment.

3. The shape of the pavilion is a deformation of industrial buildings. It keeps the rawness of the material and shows a STRONGER ATTITUDE.

4. The big high window of the showcase part connected with the outdoor show site at the corner forms a CONTINUOUS ATTRACTION LINE pointing the main road which expresses well the APPEARANCE and the TEMPERAMENT of the district.

5. The separation of different functions provides a variety of spaces environment and they are joined by the central communication part.

6. The interior space is dominated by the longitudinal sharing space with a long sky glass. It creates not only a similar environment of having time in the district, but also a more modern view of sharing space.