Floating Vertically

By Xin Gao

Connection to Harringay Warehouse District

The pavilion’s sloped semi-transparent roof speaks to its context. Main structure is pre-fabricated steel which can be produced in warehouse and be installed on site quickly. The cloth working as the soft division is produced by the craftsmen and manufacturers in Harringay Warehouse District. Its flexibility of plan will accommodate community events in various scales and forms. BesidesÔºå considering the site is located at the intersection, those colorful cloth is sort of media to represent the culture and crafts of the local community. Its potential of changing the color can also reflect the topics of events and holidays easily.

Proposal Outline

1. Simple, but strong presentation of community to the public.
Taking use of the colorful cloth produced by local community to create an attractive scenery at the intersection. The color can also spread information by changing the color to respond the festivals and events.
2. Flexible space accommodating various activities.
The diversity within the community will lead to various activities in various forms and scales. Movable partition(actually, cloth is used for design) will be used in order to fulfill the diverse requirements from members of community.
3. Requiring as less efforts as possible to change the size of the space to fit in the events.
Heavy partition will be avoided. How to deal with the partition is also a concern, such as temporary storage during the event, permanent storage, etc. So cloth produced by local community attaches to the roof structure. Then it works as a eye-sweet element and space division without worry about the storage.
4. Local and pre-fabricated materials.
In order to respond to the short schedule and fast track of this project, local materials are preferred. Prefabricated steel frame could be produced in the factory warehouse nearby and be installed quickly on site. Cloth used is even produced within community area.
5. Sustainability.
Materials produced within local area are chosen. Besides, semi-transparent plastic panel as roof could diffuse the direct sunlight into soft and comfortable natural light, which will make people under the roof feel comfortable and will also decrease the demand for electrical light during the daytime.