Green Parade

By 3E group; TH”3 Kid architechtural designer (Emerson Arevalo)

Connection to Harringay Warehouse District

Creation of a new milestone in the city through Innovation of constructions methods (CNC use ,vertical farmer; organic forms) and points of urban social interactions with the mixture of art urban and nature as a part of the main vision of the Pavi is where the connection takes place (connection through innovation art nature)

Proposal Outline

The idea is create an urban milestone with high tech and nature for urban interaction, with a stage for performance in the outside gallery that allows to conceptualize events and an indoor gallery that has structures with vertical farmers on them ,the roof is used for clean energy (photovoltaic) for the use of hydroponic automatization ; inside the gallery with a mezzanine allows to create another experience or exposure of art of the zone ; the idea is to get involved a major number of people with a diversity vision of uses in the exterior with the facades with CNC ledgers