Harringay Heart Pavilion

By Marta Mirecka

Connection to Harringay Warehouse District

The whole idea of the Harringay Heart Pavilion is connected with the activities and workshops that are placed in Harringay Warehouse District and the aim to reach the largest amount of people. The basic premise of my inspiration is treating the pavilion like a heart which pumps ideas and artistic work through the streets of Harringay. A plan of the neighbourhood is situated on the façade. It is composed of see-through openings in place of the buildings. This encourages the visitors to look beyond their homes and into the activities taking place inside while inducing a feeling of inclusion.

Proposal Outline

The main idea of the pavilion was to create a place where people from different backgrounds with various interests and views could share theirs works and ideas. The sharing and spreading process could be likened to an act of pouring out an invisible liquid that then spreads into the streets and houses of Harringay. I started to perceive the exchange of culture between people in the neighbourhood akin to bloodflow reaching every part of a living organism. The pavilion plays a key role here by supplying cultural content, just like a heart does by supplying vital oxygen.
The main assumptions of the Harringay Heart Pavilion
#01 [HEART] The human heart and the role it fulfils was the main inspiration through the design process. The pavilion’s shape, with its two entrances situated opposite of each other, reinforces the sense of a constant flow of people and their creativity. The main area inside parallels a heart’s ventricle by providing adequate space for all of the activities. The potential for adaptation was considered – the bar area could serve as a stage if needed, and the modular auditorium can be easily reshaped to create various configurations.
The pavilion’s eye-catching shape and vivid colour juxtaposed with the surroundings serve to arouse curiousness of passers-by and encourage them to visit.
#02 [IN/OUT] Another idea to encourage the viewers to come in was to create openings in the front elevation. Those are shaped like the plans of local buildings in the surrounding area. This allows for a casual peek inside while emphasizing the connection of activities ongoing inside with Harringay Warehouse Districit and the observer.
This connection works both ways. During the day the natural light passing through from the outside brightens the interior. At nighttime the light from the inside of the pavilion livens the surroundings and serves as a visual indication of the inside affairs.
The Harringay Heart Pavilion is unique in its architectural form and could inspire and encourage various cultural and social activities and undertakings. It also serves the role of an art-fueled engine of the living organism that is Harringay Warehouse District by encouraging to share and spread artistic experiences among the residents.