Harringay Urban Bazaar (HUB)


Connection to Harringay Warehouse District

I watched the series of posted videos and walked through the neighborhood virtually. It became very apparent the rehabilitated industrial buildings housed workspaces that were eclectic and whimsical in stark contrast to the functional exteriors. The design I have proposed alludes to the past history of the area while allowing for the energy of the interior used to shine through. The syncopated openings in the created by the arches are intentional allowing a view into the interior and as reference to the resistance of the unrelenting pressure form gentrification.

Proposal Outline

The machine aesthetic of the area is reflected in the Arches which will be brick coloured. One the most prominent building materials used in the existing urban fabric. The canopies provide both sun and weather protection sheltering the multi-use space within. The Harringay Urban Bazaar (HUB) is meant to celebrate life after coming out from shuttering indoors due to the COVID pandemic.

The benches are also meant to be reconfigured as needed for specific or combined uses. Further to this, backdrops for performances and event that require a certain level of privacy would be achieved using the same fabric as the canopies a fabricated from. The smaller gate pavilion delineates a clear entry into the site. Lighting will be added based on the desired affect and functions planned for the evening hours.