By Richard Markland Architects

Connection to Harringay Warehouse District

The design has been inspired by the stories of the warehouse people and how they rebuilt their kitchens and various rooms on a regular base and use the process of building together as a way to sort out conflict.

Proposal Outline

IL TENDONE, or ‘The Big Tent’, is our proposal for the Tottenham Pavilion.

The key design elements of our proposal are:

– Easy to build by volunteers. The structure is formed of wooden beams and columns of standard size sections with addition of steel rods where required. Each portion of the pavilion can be build flat on the floor and then lifted up and easily assembled.

– Cheap and reusable. For the majority of the elements we use standard wood sections and lengths that don’t need to be cut so that they can be reused once the pavilion has been dismantled.
‘The Tent’ skin is made out of polycarbonate sheets, as this is a light and cheap material, easy to manage during installation.
For security and light control we have added internal screens made of structural bricks stacked on top of each other without mortar (so they will be easy to dismount and reuse). The bricks are mechanically fixed with metal bars, recycled pipes, or anything else that can be found on a skip-yard that will fit the purpose.
The floor is made of concrete paver laid without mortar on a wood panel base that spans between the bottom beams.
Water and electricity services can run in the void below the floor.
‘The Big Tent’ is composed of three parts that can be build at different times if budget requires it with minor modifications.

– Flexibility of use and variety of users. We chose not to divide the big space with walls because we wanted to give you a space that can be adjusted to what you want and need. In our design we use textile curtains between the areas that we call ‘The Tent’ and the cafe to show how you could host different activities and people at the same time, but in reality you might decide to do something different.
This is a space for the community to come together and build together.