By Charlie Harris, Finbar Charleson, Matt Gabe

Connection to Harringay Warehouse District

Interlock is flexible to the needs of Harringay Warehouse District. Initial observations of the area have revealed a diverse selection of creative enterprises, with little platform for expression. interlock provides a space for all kinds of expressions. The building structure is easily constructed by a team of local volunteers, whilst the interior configuration can be adapted to suits any initiative. The project recognises that the creative centre of Harringay and Tottenham is at risk of gentrification if the community do not respond, interlock provides a canvas for this community action. Constructed cheaply from readily available materials and easily adapted to

Proposal Outline


The gateway to Tottenham’s new warehouse district, interlock provides a space for North London creatives to engage and display. An evolving programme of markets, galleries, performance and dining spaces, it will host a variety of events all year round.


A gallery space creates a quiet enclosure, open to the public and showcasing the work of local creatives. Top lit by creating cavities within the modular construction system, interlock creates a unique space within the warehouse district, wherein adaptable plinths and partitions allow for the curation of immersive displays.

The central Cafe offers a rolling residency to local food producers, caterers and chefs. Within a flexible long spanning space, events of all scales can take place, with food and activities from local initiatives. Workshops and teaching programmes can be led by local thought leaders to further foster the strengthen the growing community of the Warehouse District.

The large span hall is fully adaptable to the needs of the community by day and night. By day the space could be adapted to vendors in a market, selling wares created in the district or fresh produce from across the UK. By night the space can be transformed for performance. With a flexible capacity, seating can be arranged for everything from intimate & immersive shows large community gatherings.


The modular construction system of triangulated elements allows for maximum adaptability across the pavilion. Each module is sized to the maximum dimensions of 1500mm x 300mm x 300mm, ensuring can be easily carried by building users and the local volunteer construction team.

The pieces can be adapted to create everything from seating to market stalls. A secure system of mechanical fixings means the modules can be adapted for structural purposes, whilst the texture of the Spruce plywood boxes provides a hardwearing finish for counters and tables to studying, working or dining.

Engineered with adjustable components, they can cater for the buildings evolving usage. By stacking several modules, it is possible to create partitions walls, thereby enclosing spaces for intimate exchange, secure storage or opening to the public.