Interwoven Wall

By Keyi Zhang

Connection to Harringay Warehouse District

A lot of artists/musicians come to the Harringay Warehouse District and form the unique art culture here.
The coming artist and the Harringay Warehouse District, are like the two interwoven walls in my design, and they work together to form the roof of the pavilion, like the artists generated unique local culture in Harringay Warehouse District.

Proposal Outline

By dividing the site as 10 centimeters as one unit on the plan vertically, and adding different heights of those units, it naturally forms two column walls. Then by drawing two curves on the plan intertwine together, with the two walls have the same height in the center area of the site, the walls interweave together to form the roof of the pavilion.
The floor material is original wood and the material of the column wall could be white Acrylic/ Colorful Acrylic/ Glass fibre brick.
The combination of two curves forming roof, and the contrast between the two kinds of material represent the artists/ musicians, and the local site/ history. Like the roof, and the two materials, the artists coming to this unique area and forming new culture in Harringay Warehouse District.
The interwoven walls will form a space for exhibition, show, activity, or workshop. During normal time, it can also be a nice place for people to have rest.
The interwoven walls create special shadows (inside and outside), and the different heights of columns make the walls interweave together like soften curtain.