Landscape Presentation of the Building

By Hao Zhou

Connection to Harringay Warehouse District

Landscape treatment to restore the original public space of the site to the maximum extent

Proposal Outline

1.The minimum intervention to the original site is the main objective of this design.
2.In order to achieve this goal, the landscape design concept is introduced into the architectural design.
3.The whole appearance of the building is hidden in nature, only the main entrance part is exposed in the vision of pedestrians. 4.The roof of the building is integrated with the earth, providing rich outdoor activity space for residents and tourists.The building adopts the form of staggered floor arrangement, with rich space experience.
5.In order to avoid the damage of direct sunlight to the exhibits, the main exhibition space adopts skylight.
6.The main body of the building structure is the reinforced concrete cast-in-place frame structure, and the flexible structure is mostly used in the connection of the building components, so as to better realize the sustainable utilization and renewal protection of the building.In the functional layout of the building.
7.The first floor of the building is the hall space, just like the waist of the building.At the entrance, people can be divided´╝î
Walk down to enter the main exhibition space of the building. Upward access to the activity space for community residents to discuss.
8.The organization of architectural space is simple and efficient.