By Anna Kaminska

Connection to Harringay Warehouse District

What can be better inspiration for making a space, than people who reside it. People are diverse and inimitable. In these difficult times, every man redefines his life and find his new self. The newly created space might be a perfect ocassion for presenting who are the residents of the district, what do they do and exhibit their cultural diversity. Amazing colorful photos displayed on the facade of rotunda will give the project a spirit of simple, round construction. The pavilion will create a balance between art and architecture.

Proposal Outline

The main form of the pavilion is a reference to the architecture of the district. Its simple form creates a harmony with a surrounding. It gives a sense of modern touch, but at the same time it doesn’t ruin the current surrounding. The main point of the project is creating a space for performing exhibitions, lectures, but also making a setting for more casual meetings. People are the main inspiration for the project, they are the ones who would reside it and feel well in it. One of the most important part of the project is to make sure it would give everyone what they need. They would have an opportunity to express themselves, engage in local projects and activities. It would allow them to learn more about people that reside nearby them and find similiarities in people who have always resided next to them, but have never had a chance to talk with each other. It is also a place offering a chance to relax and feel free to enjoy peace not worrying about conventions or customs. This is why the interior of the pavilion is decorated with greenery of patio, which creates a cosy and chamber atmosphere.