One in a Million Pavilion

By Polina Turishcheva

Connection to Harringay Warehouse District

The Harringay Warehouse District is a homey place in London, where the very soul of society has been preserved, where neighbors are more of a family. Having never been there, I have still got such a warm impression of this place, and I wanted to preserve this impression in my project. Inspired by the Osthang Project, I wanted to retain that feeling of purity and transparency of the pavilion, but at the same time add authenticity. My pavilion is much smaller and accommodates fewer people, but it looks and feels more like home.

Proposal Outline

My pavilion is a universal modular structure, the design of which is mainly wooden beams sheathed with polycarbonate.

The space transforms along with needs. Depending on the number of people, the pavilion can be expanded or divided with the folding walls, it has two entrances, it is extremely translucent and at the same time private. An additional small floor adds usable space but does not divide the pavilion, which is still a solid venue for major events. If conducting several workshops is required, then a translucent retractable partition will visually divide the space and provide sound insulation.

There is a cabinet for storing folding chairs or other equipment under the stairs, and a similar cabinet can be attached to the outer walls of the pavilion. A variety of shelves, clothes hangers, and hooks can be mounted between the supporting beams. On the additional floor, where it is especially bright in the afternoon, you can arrange a bookcrossing point and a reading room furnished with soft armchairs.

There are several scenarios my project can adapt to:
1. During cold days all entrances are closed except on, the pavilion is divided into 2 parts for a lecture and a workshop and the total area is 80m2, 28,8m2 additional floor can be used for extra seats, a place for equipment or as a point for photo and video shooting.
2. In springtime the pavilion is half-open, the folding wall is half-open, up to 5 different activities can be carried out simultaneously, the total area is 146,6m2.
3. In summertime the pavilion is fully open, the folding wall is removed, a major event is held, residents discuss the latest news, an outdoor kitchen is arranged nearby, the area covers the entire site of 365m2.