Open Up pavilion

By Mara Armasu

Connection to Harringay Warehouse District

The pavilion takes the shape of the neighbouring house, with the slopped roof, but open it us so that the whole building opens up aswell. Large windows allow visitors to see what is happing outside and inside, inviting them to take part.
In a district of a unique dynamic, the pavilion follows aswell. Its open atributes invite the lively district to take up the space inside aswell.

Proposal Outline

The pavilion tries to bring the community together in the center of the market.In connection to the district, the pavilion opens up its slopped roof to open up towards the community. The center opens towars the entrance inviting visitors inside the heart of the market. On both sides there are the display area and upstairs there is the workshop area. On the ground level there can also be a cafe at the end of the inner garden to guide people towards sitting together.