Organic Shadow


Connection to Harringay Warehouse District

The connection and contextualization of the project I present to the Harringay warehouse district lies in the sobriety of the forms, in the simple linearity of the structural approach. The pavilion that I designed is a small semitransparent architecture that stitches up an urban void and becomes a place of human exchange overlooking the important road artery of the Seven Sisters road.
This architecture that I propose is also an element of contrast with the context because it is light and transparent and compares with the austerity of the local walls.
The pavilion marks is like a note that marks the complex score of the district.

Proposal Outline

The project proposal presented is the result of a profound reflection in the spirit of gentrification to which this competition of ideas aspires.
The designed pavilion aims at simplicity, construction economics and sustainability.
The project aims to redefine a space thinned out in the urban fabric to transform it into a place that must be lived and used by the community.
This architecture is composed of some vertical and horizontal elements that create a roof full of lights and shadows with organic forms. From this reason it takes the name of “Organic Shadow”. The translucent cover combines and connects to the green curtain of vegetation that determines the boundary of the area and becomes a meeting place halfway between an external and an internal environment.