PALLET 1200x800x144

By Gaetano Leto, Architect by CortileInterno Studio

Connection to Harringay Warehouse District

You can see the connection through:
• The main lines of the handwork that follow the road lines that characterize the urban planning of the neighborhood.
• The use of typical local materials that represent the tradition of the place. The goal is to collect materials directly on site through the collective participation of the neighborhood. In this way the work will be felt as familiar by the locals, where perceptual experiences related to the world of Art and Exhibition can be made.

Proposal Outline

The pavilion is designed as a double file that exposes both function and aesthetics.
The functional data concerns the communicative objective;
The aesthetic data concerns the perceptual experience linked to the world of Art and Exhibition.
The purpose of the building is to immerse the visitor in an emotionally and culturally rewarding experience through a path in which even the technological-structural component acquires stylistic relevance.
The artifact is characterized by:
• An entrance portal invites to enter and welcomes to future users of the work with several sessions.
• A south-facing semi-circular wall, broken at times, with the function of a filter with Eaded Road.
• Walls that delimit the area to the north. The continuity of the wall is deliberately broken to allow a view of the neighborhood.
The entire structure is partially covered to allow its use during all periods of the year.