party greenhouse

By Dina Mavliutova – BIM Technician at Tridify Ltd.

Connection to Harringay Warehouse District

A wooden structure with sawtooth roofline. Blending into the area with industrial sihloette, a house for all kind of events and reviving Harringay’s lost cinemas by providing a summer open-air cinema. Wooden structure is a nod towards piano manufacturing history and renewable materials.

Pavilion can be repurposed later to serve as a community greenhouse during winter. Being a light structure, pavilion can be disassembled and relocated module by module, or stored disassembled until next summer.

Proposal Outline

Transparent PVC sawrooth roof sheltering visitors from british weather. Exterior appearance of a greenhouse, home for community events (and maybe plants). Positioned on a well-visible street corner, transparent and open it can be lit up from inside to attract attention. Corner position make it a statement piece for the neighbourhood, occupying the corner that is connecting the district to the throughway. Flat facades allow to display relevant messages & posters for upcoming events throughout the summer. Wooden structure allows easy assembly, modification and decoration of interior spaces, as fabrics and lights can be attached using an industrial stapler to create any kind of interior content or lighting. Keeping structure open and cheap, leaves more budget for furnishing. Being modular, the design is made to accomodate changes easily: scaling up, adding extra walls or more outdoor terrace area is easy by design.