Passivhaus Centre for Tottenham Warehouse District

By Martin Rodriguez

Connection to Harringay Warehouse District

The Buildings main facade comprises a full height/length poster display wall to showcase the Warehouse Districts facilities. This can comprise fixed photographic vinyl images and/or designated part for temporary displays of current information. In this respect the facade resembles the visual richness of images associated with the unique environment of Tottenham Warehouse district

Proposal Outline

The project design explores the concept of Passivahus applied to the Wickie concept of self build construction

Low Energy/zero carbon is fundamental to the design and which shapes the buildings character. Even for a temporary building if Passivhaus Low Energy as opposed to full Passivhaus is adopted then little heating demand/services are still required simplifying the build and reducing build and maintenance costs.

Proposals may form the first self build Passivhaus Low Energy development in UK

The building form is a simple rectangle with a triagle shape annex following site boundary. The building is set back such that the main facade extends the full length of the site to maximise its frontage, with a viewing zone and linear seat in-front

The building comprises a double height multi purpose Hall space with a semi-open space one side (with roof lining over) acting as a covered market space and an enclosed, unheated triangular annex courtyard space with polycarbonate glazing roof containing a reception/summer meeting space and small Kitchen zone.

A separate toilet pod is provided for minimum Health & Safety provision

The main Hall receives daylight from high level south facing clerestory glazing and reduced glazing from similar on North side.
The Hall is accessible form both the Market & Courtyard spaces and incorporates built-in storage areas