By Li Lin, Liang Song

Connection to Harringay Warehouse District

Harringay Warehouse Disrict is a perfect example that shows how former industrial buildings come together with artistic and creative community. This proposal is an attempt to turn the expressiveness of this relationship into an architectural gesture. The structure of the pavilion draws inspiration from the rhythmic and generous character of the industrial buildings. Raw materials are used as Bricolage. It invites the local artists and designers to transform it as they have done to the warehouses so that the pavilion can carry the spirit of the Harringay Warehouse District.

Proposal Outline

Polyphony, from Greek poluphōnia, from polu- ‘many’ + phōnē ‘sound’, the style of simultaneously combining a number of parts, each forming an individual melody and harmonizing with each other.

A Stage
As prototype, we consider this pavilion a stage – a stage that houses various activities; a stage where different voices from the Harringay community come together; a stage that opens towards the city gateway and boarders the greenery as its background.

Located in a corner situation, the pavilion fans out generously its space and establishes a firm but joyful connection with the neighbors. This shell-like space can be traced back to the anciant theaters. It offers visitors posibilities for seeing and being seen.

The Structure
The structure of the pavilion is an analog of the generous and rhythmic character of the Warehouse buildings in the Harringay District. It derives from the shape and conditions of the site. The composition of the structure follows simple geometric rules. And the outcome is a structural system that has both rhythmic clarity as well as melodic richness and complexity. Although there is a point where all the beams come together, the center of the space remains ambiguous. This adds a dynamic character to the space.

Raw, recyclable materials such as OSB panels or plywood panels are used as the main construction material for both economic and aesthetic reasons. These materials, usually used as sub-construction, will be the main character in this pavilion. They will be painted over, but their texture will remain visible. Their physical presence contributes to an industrial atmosphere.

Translucent fabric is be used not only as canopy over the structure, but also as curtain between the wood panels. It allows defused natural light into the pavilion, rendering the interior an intimate and warm ambient.

The color and patterns of the pavilion will be further developed together with the local artists and designers. Bricolage – an expression of freedom, imagination and passionate participation through making use what is available, creating a whole from fragmented elements. In this pavilion, materials, patterns, colors and light come together to create a place in which activities and events are celebrated.