Reflection of an immovable society

By F.F study of young architects who understand that the practice of architecture has the responsibility of having a comprehensive approach to people and design itself.

Connection to Harringay Warehouse District

The design was made understanding the fight against gentrification, since it is a society that constantly fights against this movement, which is manifested in the rocks present in the pavilion, which are painted by the families of the Harringay Warehouse District, demonstrating that it corresponds to a valuable place and that it is worthy to highlight its environment through the reflection of its society.

Proposal Outline

The proposal as shown is made up of three rocks that metaphorically represent empowered people, who refuse the movement of gentrification, strong and immovable.

The mirror tunnel that crosses the pavilion is the representation and valuation of the same citizens of the place, looking back and looking at their surroundings, discovering the beauty of its perimeter and its people through the tunnel of the meeting.

The exterior spaces look at their surroundings, and duplicate the space on the walls of the pavilion, these are crowned by an ellipse that is supported by the rocks (society) that are again the base and foundation of the Harringay warehouse district.

The design is simple and encourages citizens to meet, since the pavilion does not exist without the people who are the basis of the concept worked on in the pavilion.

As the pavilion is on display, the rocks that are the support fill with painted hands, transforming the pavilion into a living object for the observer who interacts with the work, since it is intended to be lived and not only to contemplate it.

Finally, it seeks to make people feel more their own than ever.