By Gaurav Jha + Vishalaakhi Chakravarty

Connection to Harringay Warehouse District

As nationals of a previously colonised state, we are no aliens to the struggles against gentrification and the need for a creative outlet and thus could relate to Harringay’s requirements at a personal level and create a space to be the perfect blend of work and leisure.

The pavilion consists of a semi-open amphitheatre (keeping in mind the climatic conditions), green walks, graffiti walls, a business centre, exhibition halls, and a creative workshop space. The attempt is to develop an oasis to be used at all times by all members of the extraordinarily creative Harringay Warehouse District.

Proposal Outline

The idea is to build a space which not only meets the requirements of the community, but also respects the climatic conditions and gives back to the environment. We have also made attempts to blend the essence of the neighbourhood with sustainable modernity and to give essence to the very roots of the community.
The plan is broadly divided into four built spaces- the entry shade, the amphitheater, the graffiti walls and the community centre. Paved walks tie the three spaces together.
1. Entry Shade- Made of metal lattice and stained glass, this shade provides the perfect waiting area, ensuring protection from sun and rain. It is a light structure, most likely to be prefabricated. The provision of benches inside can also be used by the passerby and not just by the visitors. A paved path leads towards the amphitheatre and the community centre.
2. Amphitheatre- The amphitheatre is semi open with natural coverage on a metal lattice- which can be compared to a giant pergola. Clematis vines are used due to the low cost and quick growth rate. This coverage will provide shelter from light rain. On the inside are receding steps which double as seating areas. In the centre is a two brick high platform. The amphitheatre can be used for concerts, performances or talks, the central platform having sufficient diameter for both, or just a leisurely sprawl on a sunny afternoon. The tread is covered with treated wood, thus avoiding mess in heavy rains but also restoring the water table through the abundant green space. Artificial lighting is provided for after-dark events.
3. Graffiti Walls- Knowing about the artistic inclinations of the Harringay community, a total of six graffiti walls- three inside and three around the amphitheatre- have been provided with the objective to provide a larger canvas for the artists to express themselves through the visual medium.
4. Community Centre- The community centre has two entrances- through the pavilion park and through the parking lot behind. It is a G+1 structure, the ground floor consisting of two exhibition halls and a lighted passage for the same. These exhibition halls may be used for exhibits, indoor music performances or for setting up kiosks. To facilitate this, the back entrance has been provided so that the required material can be directly brought in from the parking lot. The first floor has a business centre on one side and a workshop space on the other side. The business centre can be used for holding community meetings. The workshop space can have multiple utilisations- from conduction of workshops and creative classes to small scale discussions. The structure is load-bearing.
On two faces of the business centre, billboard spaces have been provided for advertising. The community centre has an exposed brick facade, keeping in mind its integrity with the environment. Green spaces have been increased as much as possible to restore the water table.