Space for action

By Magdalena Talarczyk

Connection to Harringay Warehouse District

Before I started thinking about a pavilion design, I checked all of the uploaded videos, podcasts, websites presenting pieces of art made by artists from Harringay. I got positive suprised of the community creativity in changing warehouse district into place dedicated to artistic space, open-mindedness and commonality. “Space for action” pavilion is a continuation of this process, but it will provide a common space for larger gatherings and events. It was designed to suit local community for different activities and to be creatively adapt by them. Just like Harringay Warehouse District.

Proposal Outline

Main concept of the design is to provide a space for a diverse of activities. The pavilion is situated on the north-west part of the designed site. It was located there for a few reasons. To provide more free space from the street view, so the accidental pedestrian can see what will be happening on the site and to not overshadow site also dedicated for gatherings. The form of the pavilion is planned on a simple rectangle slotting in the unregular parcel. It is a two-storey structure, which highest floor is sculptured and its suspended construction emphasizes the entry from the east. It is accesible also from the opening located to the south. The pavilion will be fixed to the steel platform. The main construction is made from wood, which can be reused or recycle later. It consists of slabs, beams and struts, which provide together structure with an interesting framework. The pavilion has a first floor, that can be reached by stairs inside the pavilion. It provides an additional space – for example for conducting another workshop, different from the activities happening on the ground floor (or maybe just for watching stars in the midnight). At the first floor white, semi-transparent fabric is added on the internal side of the wooden construction for the protection and visual effect. On the external side of the construction there are placed colorful plates, that emphasise creativity and energetic spirit of the pavilion. There are placed to highlight significant points in the structure, like openings, entries.