Spirit of Haringay

By Noance Studio, Mert Ozbolat

Connection to Harringay Warehouse District

Our design takes inspiration on the warehouse district – From it’s industrial inspired sheds onto the re-used materials we can find on the site. It is a representation of industrial and creative revival for the area. Our main goal was to re-create the industrial area by adding a fun, joyful and interactive element to it.

Proposal Outline

We are proposing a flexible multi-space based on a shed structure. This shed structure will allow light and ventilation to come into the space, being optimal for both summer and winter times. Within the space, we will have a grid structure which will allow users to place things differently according to their needs or specific events.

Our aim is to bring a space which connects with the local creatives and general community. A space without labels, which can fold into different programmes.