By Masha Lepina, Maria Stoykoska

Connection to Harringay Warehouse District

The contemporary Harringay Warehouse District atmosphere inspired the project, creation of a new venue that will implement and exhibit existing creative initiatives and that will encourage the emergence of new ones. The architectural shape is a combination of brutal industrial architecture with modern forms. The materials, used in the project, follow the context, thereby the designed pavilion will fit perfectly into the environment and will suit the spirit and needs of the target group. The accent colour of the project is blue graffiti, included in the proposal as a link to the blue art objects of the Harringay Warehouse District.

Proposal Outline

“Symbiosis” between artists, designers, sculptors, architects, “symbiosis” as a form of community, “symbiosis” as a starting point for the design process of the pavilion.
The primary concept is that the pavilion will be used as canvas for the different work of the Harringay Warehouse District artists. We aspirated to create a simple, unobtrusive object with a complex and multifunctional public space. It should attract attention not with flashy architecture, but with its cool, artful content. This place is primarily the quintessence of talented people that need a captivating framework for their masterpieces. This is a place made for presenting existing, creative objects and a place that should inspire the creation of new ones.
The task was to create a transformer that could be modified during its use. We identified several scenarios, events that could happen at different times of the day, which define the shape and the philosophy of the building. The lower part is a box; the upper part is a nest. Each has a minimum of 4 event scenarios. As a result, we get a minimum 16 different scenarios for the existence of the object, making sure it’s used all around the clock, every day of the week.
The pavilion is universal, easy and quick to build; and most importantly all components can be used again. We are keen on the problem of consumption and suggest utilizing used containers, metal structures that can be easily assembled and wooden flooring. All these elements are eco-friendly and can be quickly dismantled, moved and reused for completely different purposes. The containers, for example, can be moved and used as a place of creativity, storage, or as micro-housing. Subsequently, metal structures can become the basis of another pavilion or amphitheater, or even be used in some kind of an art project.