The Cocoon

By Paulina Olszowy Krzysztof Kowalski

Connection to Harringay Warehouse District

Inherently industrial materials used for the design draw from the tradition of the warehouse district to combine industrial architecture with everyday activities in a beautiful way. The red color, as well as a rising form of the pavilion, is a symbol of vigor and vitality that has been brought to the district by its residents.

Proposal Outline

The idea is to create a comfortable space for various events that contains both – covered area and green space. The roof serves as a sound barrier as well as a rain & sun cover and after the demolition, part of the construction can stay as a fence on the site. Existing fence will be subject to replacement by a new one that, although seamlessly blended with the building aesthetically, is a completely separate structure which will remain on the plot after the disassembly of the pavilion.