The Hub

By The Yellow Projects. Nina Alonso and Nicholas Chabrol.

Connection to Harringay Warehouse District

The Yellow Projects was born out of the creative energy and DIY ethos of the Haringey Warehouse District. Inspired by the creativity of the neighborhood, we hosted our first event Manor Art at Tottenham Pavillion to share the talents and energy of the warehouses with the outside neighbours. This led to the creation of Yellow House, an open reception for neighbors, locals and friends where residents opened their doors and hosted workshops, forums and jam sessions. The event was hosted in December 2018 at Stone House and October 2017 at Cara House.

Proposal Outline

Promote community and sustainability as an antidote to gentrification by build a space where the Warehouse Community and locals can come together to learn skills, share experience and engage in open forums and performances.

The design is composed of two parallel sheds made of plastic tube bent into arches that will form the framework for the structure. Under one shed will be the classroom and exhibition space. Made with a series of moveable panels the space can be easily shifted from 5 small classrooms into one large exhibition space. We’ll host different classes and workshops.

The adjacent shed will contain the forum and workshop space. The forum, like much of the warehouse lawn furniture, will be constructed of wooden palettes stacked high against the back wall and descending into steps for seating. The forum will host speakers from activist groups, dance, music and theatre performers.

Beyond the open forum is the workshop space. This will contain workbenches with tools and power equipment. Locals can come in for bike repairs, woodworking, and other handicrafts, ensuring they have the tools and means to learn new skills.

Modelling after the tire gardens in the warehouses we’ll have barrels on wheels that, when filled with soil and plants, will make up our rolling garden.

Located at the corner where Haringy meets Hackney the hub is the intersection of the warehouse community and the greater north London. In a neighborhood of great economic and cultural diversity, the hubs creates a space for all who need it including youth needing a safe space and for concerned neighbors to meet their community.