The visual at Tottenham

By Arch. Mario Samayoa

Connection to Harringay Warehouse District

Since the Harringay warehouse district is been suffer different changes since it was established in the early of 20th century and becoming one of the mayor center of employment for Municipal Borough of Tottenham the adaptation from a district as Industrial area was great help to the economic grow for London, after the new century comes the companies start to emigrate or close. Now this district are more fill with residents, small business and artist and felling more a connection with the smooth-urban living at this time.

Proposal Outline

The proposal is base in the interaction of the community who can participate in the development and more important to give life a space where people can blend and interact as individuals as members of the district, making and example what really a community needs, more interaction and sharing with each other taking care of everyone in unity and growing in a environment where is affordable and keeping aspects as traditions established with the time that they been sharing each other.