the well

By Como Studio- Jan Krupa

Connection to Harringay Warehouse District

The design combines the spontaneous mix-use vibe of the district with its industrial history. It provides the flexible spaces that allow people to spend time together, share goods, ideas and knowledge. The structure is created mostly of recycled elements that could be typically found in the post-industrial areas. The recycled furniture and the piano in the main tower refer to the products manufactured in the district in the past.

Proposal Outline

The project concerns the creation of a compact pavilion in the post-industrial Harringay Warehouse District.
Its form and materials refer to the character of the area. The main part of the structure is a12-meter-high tower that hosts concerts, lectures and meetings for a relatively large audience considering the area it occupies. Furthermore, it allows visitors to observe the district from the view terrace located on the top-level. In addition, the pavilion includes a dance and sports zone, a small market with local products and several recreational places. Usage of recycled and possibly rented materials significantly reduces the costs of the pavilion.