Time value

By Anisimov Denis Vladimirovich

Connection to Harringay Warehouse District

The design refers us directly to industrial architecture, even the structure and free layout remind us of an old industrial buildings. The sloping roof reminds us of the connection with typical warehouse buildings, and the color scheme of the project echoes with the old buildings of warehouses, which are located in the district itself.

Proposal Outline

The Tottenham pavilion continues the tradition of industrial architecture and emphasizes the identity of the place in a concise and simple form. The main points that the project includes are the simplicity of construction, multiple use of cases and a free layout , that allows a variety of uses of a space. There is a private area that connects the courtyard with the internal space , by opening the doors to the courtyard. The second floor is well suited for all kinds of activities in good weather, photo shoots and sports, as well as just relaxing on the fresh air. The ability of closing the pavilion , allows you to secure the interior. The main material is wood, as well as polycarbonate for windows.
By indicating the value of time in the title, I would like to notice that this pavilion will be in use for a limited amount of time, but its impact on the community is tremendous. It will further provoke the creation of new social ties, will strengthen existing ones, and ,generally, become an excellent tool for bringing people together to achieve common goals.