Tower of Unrestricted Creation

By Jan

Connection to Harringay Warehouse District

My design refers to the multi-linguality, multi-culturality and age differences in Harringay District society and the fact that despite those ‘problems’ people live in it with great attitude and very open character.

The structure is open and almost random, unfinished and open to expression of community members, it could maybe become a background to their artistic activities or maybe be a some sort of center and a museum of this great idea of totally free and unrestricted living.

Proposal Outline

My design proposal is to try to create some sort of tower-like structure composed of OSB blocks which will be raised above the ground. People could organize this space just as they like it in a present moment.
It could have very open character thanks to the roof like structure under which people could hide during the future workshops and meetings. The main pavilion structure will be composed around one very long bench. It will remind some sort of museum like bench on which you could seat and contemplate the art of this artistic Community members.

People could gather there easily for talking and celebrations, they could make their own movies presentations on its walls, use them during some events and performances.

Its form will be an unrestricted act of creation just like a Community itself is.