By Onomiau / Noel Picaper

Connection to Harringay Warehouse District

“Trees” is a new ecosystem in Harringay Warehouse District.
This pavilion tells the story of various identities – all the different tree trunks – that are working together to create another nature.
“Trees” shines all day and night. It reflects the shifting landscape of the Harringay Warehouse District.
It is a second nature in which the past and the future of this district are linked into a flexible space.

Proposal Outline

“Trees” is a mysterious walk in a forest. It is a space where artifice and nature interweave and converge.
Two worlds are coexisting :
– The “growing world”, symbol of our origins, of the rough Earth, made of various tree trunks from different sizes and shapes fixed on a blue oceanic ground.
– The “sky world” symbol of our aspirations, made of various wood beams acting as a population of stars under a metallic roof.
Simple and elementary materials are used (tree trunks, wood panel, wood beam/frame) to place emphasis on formal primitive archetypes and sustainable building techniques. Basic wood assemblies create relations between the tree trunks. They support each other. A wood frame marks the perimeter of the project. It helps to fix the shining textile roof. In the center, the largest tree stands. It is the highest point.
We created a space in which the surrounding invisible nature finds its way inside.
It is a new ecological common space. A pavilion made by people, for people.