By Mr.Thavixay Phongsavanh,Ms.Parichat Savatna,Ms.Sasitorn Janwong,Ms.Onsiri Chanchooklin

Connection to Harringay Warehouse District

This Pavillion was designed with the intention to present the idea that “Celebrations” in which this will make the encounters, even if they don’t know each other but they can celebrate or share things together and the occurrence of various activities for make friendship. We are inspired by cultural activities that occur in northern Thailand. That is, the villagers will create “Tung” from various colored fabrics and tie them in a gathering place to celebrate. People there can do activities and share things together. Especially the fun and the smiles that occur Including the laughter of people of all ages as well. The use of a wide range of color tones is an expression of the meaning that “Variety” Regardless of how many things each has, In the end, it is in the same world, isn’t it? Including architecture or various things Including humans too. The thing we should share and cannot deny is that everyone wants happiness and the smiles from various people will be able to bring happiness to everything themselves.

Proposal Outline

The use of translucent materials, such as acrylic sheets, when the light hits the material will cause the light to hit the floor or across people who come to see the exhibition. And the use of a wide range of colors represents the diversity of people. There is also the use of thin metal sheets Due to reflection and refraction to go to another plate, including when the wind blows against the metal sheet will make a reaction, which will affect people there and feel the exhibition even more. Including the night full of lights from the exhibition Due to the design of the cable type LED light hidden in the structure of the exhibition and will open at night. Which is a light of many colors Will make this exhibition stand out both during the day and at night, to perfectly add color and brightness to this area. Of course, the effect that will make it feel good celebrations with the colorful lights that occur. The percussion from a slim metal plate that represents the music of nature and the people who will give each other smiles in the most friendly and beautiful way.