By NOYD collab

Connection to Harringay Warehouse District

There is no any extra design. We use the existing situation. The main connection of the area is people, inhabitants and their creativity. Our design is openness and accessibility. The ground for design and creativity of resident artists. We invite to conversation between all units. The pavilion is an extension of art studios. We do not change appearance; we expand the boundaries of interaction.

Proposal Outline

Project – gesture, project – manifest!
The territory of the pavilion is fenced.
The fence is an inaccessibility symbol, which conflicts the general ideology of the Harringay Warehouse District.
We urge to remove the borders, open the territory and make it accessible to all in one move.
A fragment of the fence along the Eade road we remove and lift it up. Now it becomes the main element of the facade and has the opposite function – invites you to come in! We hang it on the easily erected openwork frame (skeleton), possibly assembled from recycled materials (metal, wood, etc.) The other three sides and the roof are lined with Corrugated (wavy) board, which is also often used for fencing, but acrylic and transparent (polycarbonate). Inside this top construction we placed light and equipment.
The rail system under the ceiling on which a curtain of used banners is suspended gives many scenarios for zoning the pavilion.
Floor is a wooden frame platform covered with plywood sheets. As an option assembled from used euro pallets.
ART_PARKING – the pavilion is divided into zones around the perimeter, by analogy with parking places (painted in color on the diagram). Even graphic marking on the floor is possible. Each zone is a personal exhibition of a local artist. Thus, the space and interior is composed of the works of artists and is an open Tottenham gallery. The center is a common area in which various events and activities are organized. You can place mini tribune or benches, hammocks or swings, stage platform if concerts, film screenings and meetings take place. Or it becomes a promenade if you organize an art, flea market or garage sale.