UNbounded Pavillion 2020

By Claudia Silveira and Diogo Graça

Connection to Harringay Warehouse District

The Harringay Warehouse District presents us a variety of cultures and artistic expressions that are part of the architectural appropriation of different spaces. The identity that each of the community residents gives to the spaces it’s precisely the starting point that allows the conceptual basis of the pavilion to emerge. More than proposing a meeting and sharing area for the Harringay community, we are interested that this space can also be a place of architectural expression for all. Thus, we propose a pavilion that allows transformations in the composition of the place and that does not present physical limits.

Proposal Outline

The brick then emerges as the main object to define the spaces of the pavilion and thus transfering the typical brick architecture that we see in the surroundings. It is almost as if we are “deconstructing” the brick buildings surrounding the pavilion. As a result of that the pavilion retains the spirit of the community also in the materiality it presents.

For this project, it was essential that the community could move the pieces (bricks). Playing with these pieces allows the overlapping of two distinct programs: one permanent and the other that spontaneously emerges. Thus, the pavilion is not only a space for sharing, but also an interface that can be used by visitors and the community of Harringay as a way of expression, like an empty canvas waiting for be painted and modified. After the dismantling of the pavilion, the aim is that bricks can be reused in projects in the community of Harringay or elsewhere is needed. This is only possible because in the construction of the pavilion the bricks are placed in a simple metal structure that allows avoiding the normal tendency to join them with cement.
The pavillion can be:

a concert place

a marketplace

an exposition space

a labyrinth

a bar

an exterior auditorium

an skate park

a physical manifesto of art expression for the community