By STUX2.Arch.BU ,Bangkok University

Connection to Harringay Warehouse District

Creating an area that consists of an area and covering over the head
That became shelter That brings together the creative Celebrating
the reunification of people, families, and the community.

Proposal Outline

Start by looking for things that this district needs And for me, thinking that this area needs fun And want to be outstanding, so I
Look and interpret The word fun and outstanding. Until accidentally found something close to him which was The temple fair in Thailand that has things
I want both, so I take it as the main concept.
I draw the colors from the temple lights as the main theme of the event. With a multitude of lights, colors, and music that should create an atmosphere and
Distinctiveness to this area as well. Because what I bring is strange and strange to the people in that area or people who
Seen on the internet Or even Thai people who have seen The fun will be based on the colors and sounds of the atmosphere.
That I have put in As for the form I got it from site analysis. What to do for the past to see
Will feel eye-catching The area has buildings that are similar in shape to a square shape. Not just similar shapes
But also the color of the building I thought of the sleek lines and thought of the cards arranged in a triangle shape.
I then took to develop continuously until I got the final form as I saw.