By Wasan Abod

Connection to Harringay Warehouse District

The Design layout is inspired by the Warehouse as an architectural stereotype, in addition to Haringay Districts’s industrial charachter and depth. Certain existing Graffiti paintings in the district were referenced in the project and are suggested to be repainted by the community’s artists in the proposed layout as a set to personalise the space and also to give way for local talents to emerge.

Proposal Outline

This project is inspired by the people of Haringay Warehouse District, to be built by- and eventually, used by them. The overall theme is referencing Industrial Architecture and temporary strutcutres that people assemble to serve a short-time purpose, which is in our case: The Tottenham Pavilion 2021.
Attempting to offer an alternative message to Gentrification; the bold yet low-maintenance design layout and asthetic features of this proposal were aimed to increase the attraction and activities that the local society of Haringay would use, without neccessarly spending a high budget for the project. Most of the elements of the design can be recycled from previous projects or even junkyards, giving new life to these building materials and further stories. Others_ like Plywood sheets_ can be purchased from local suppliers. I have specifically reused old Road Signs and waste materials from previous Construction process as basic material for many of the furniture components in the project, as these material can be both aesthetically appealing and practical for the purpose of a temporaryy pavilion. Graffiti was a recurrent feature in the project, the idea is to allow the local artists of the community to create signature Graffiti paitings in different places in the project in order to personalise these spaces, and to give way for the community’s talents to emerge.
A pedestrian bridge guides the user from the entrance and connects the majority of the functions on the site. Ca 15 Booths made of Plywood sheets are designed to be rented by the users to showcase their items they intend to sell in the Society Market. A large and dominant space is dedicated to Art, Craft, Design and Fashion activities where people can practice their interests and share experiences. The building is charactarized with bold form and strong contrast of colors due to the bright Yellow and Black stripes-paint on some of its walls. It also has an large opening in the roof, covered with louvers made of bars taken from recycled Construction signs. There are many similar_ mostly decorative_ elements in the design’s interior that also came from previous construction projects or junkyard.
The theme of the design layout combines both Modernism and Industrial architecture but without adding too many details, which conveys the true essence of Harringay’s District. The different functions were designed to be suitable for different activities for each given space. This layout offers a fun and bold set of outdoor public functions, as it is both affordable to make and interesting to experience at the same time.