Water Light Pavilion


Connection to Harringay Warehouse District

This pavilion utilizes industrial products (steel tubes and plastic tubes) as the major construction elements, which is usually cheap and convenient in the industrial areas, to create a space for fresh experiences of water, light, greenness, and life.
The composition of units also tries to echo the surrounding texture as well as its industrial context.

Proposal Outline

This is a pavilion intended to achieve a new perception of nature, using only mass-production products.
With the arrays of the water tube units inserted with lightening facilities, this installation tries to immerse people in the illusionary atmosphere of under-water spaces, which makes people stop and calm down for a moment in the metropolitan daily life. Especially in the evening, this pavilion will become a fascinating facility, attracting people to gather together and share the experience.
This is also an installation to collect rainwater to grow green plants. The rainwater is collected by the plastic tubes on the top of the roof irrigating the plant, cleaned with a thin layer of soil, and led by a set of smaller tubes into an underground water management facility. With the variations of rain conditions in London, this pavilion shows out different appearances.
Technically, the weight of these water tubes is supported by main and secondary beams on the roof and held up by those sets of V-shaped columns.