By Cla Beccucci

Connection to Harringay Warehouse District

When looking at Manor House Warehouses District and its past, it is clear that this has been a constant work in progress, showing traces of the previous housemates, always ready to get the print of the next ones allowing the resident to express themself within and around those warehouses shells. Having that in mind I wanted to create a space that would be an extension of the industrial grid we live in. Not a grid that would restrain us but one similar to a tapestry that would allow and support free weaving.

Proposal Outline

I imagine this scaffolding structure that presents many advantages. As a standardized material, it draws the grid that supports the creation and reminds of the industrial environment. The alinement of the vertical poles as a forest blur the view of the noisy Seven sister Road and create some intimacy. The structure itself can welcome event and gathering of different size and nature. Mainly open, the pavilion has some areas that offer more intimacy, which can be enhanced by closing the walls as seen on the sketches.
Using scaffolds can also facilitate the construction and doesn’t require a huge impact on the floor.
As the longevity of the build is uncertain but isn’t likely to be so long, I think it is important to think about a pavilion that could be easily dismantled and from which most material could be reused, recycled or upcycled.

An outsider element comes to play with the structure, interlace itself in it and disturb its rigidity. I chose to use an anti-wind net so this wouldn’t be a suggestive choice be also an asset as London weather isn’t always clement.