Harringay Warehouse District
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Here's a head start on getting to know the area through pictures, text and video. Feel free to see what else Google throws up - there are two interchangeable names for the area:

  • Harringay Warehouse District
  • Manor House Warehouses

Ossi Piispanen

Ossi Piispanen documented the warehouse area between 2012 and 2015 in a series titled The Manor House Project. As a warehouse tenant and very talented photographer he brought a unique perspective to the series. view>>

Patrick Joseph

Patrick write an article for Furtherfield on the 2019 Tottenham Pavilion pilot - it provides an interesting outsider perspective on the potential of the project.  read>>

Ella Jessel

Ella wrote an article for East End Review in June 2015 that provides a plotted history of the area and some of the challenges involved its growth.  read>>

Hugh Flouch

Hugh has documented many events and news items associated with the Harringay Warehouse District through his blog Harringayonline.com. There are several posts to explore - here are a few highlights.


Music Videos

The area is a perfect place for music videos, offering you the viewer a glimpse into the area from the eyes of a producer. Here are a few we know of...(there will be more):



Gumtree is actually a wonderful area to flick through adverts from tenants looking for new people. It offers an interesting peak into warehouse life. view>>


The area wouldn't be 'an area' without a Wikipedia entry now would it. A modest entry view>>


Local organisations of note

Spaces for Creatives

The main landowner operates under the name of Spaces for Creatives. They run a website of the same name, which offers some useful insight into how the area is shaped through the collective model.


New River Studios

New River Studios is an arts’ centre, studio provider, venue, education hub, cafe and bar, with a large and diverse range of users. Housed in a former warehouse, New River Studios has a cafe is a great place to visit if you’re exploring the area.


Haringey Arts

A social enterprise that is now closed, Haringey Arts was ran for a decade connecting creative tenants within the warehouse community. The website is an interesting archive of activity.


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