Call out for architects, artists, innovators and imaginators.

1,133 registered interest to design a new kind of public space.

Winning and shortlisted designs will be announced in May.

NEW Competition Deadline

Project Overview

Tottenham Pavilion is a project born from the Harringay Warehouse District; a former industrial site that has, over the past 20 years, been converted into live and work spaces by artists, makers, musicians and entrepreneurs.

The community has a unique power dynamic - it's not simply grass root, nor bottom up, that’s far too linear - it has a power source that comes from the clash of differences. This commission is about preserving the essence of the area and its resistance to further "gentrification". The winning concept will learn lessons from a very unique corner of London and reinterpret them for a wider audience.

Part of the London Festival of Architecture 2020 programme, both the winning and shortlisted designs will be featured in the festival.

Images: Location of Tottenham Pavilion

  • Photo of empty site
  • Photo of empty site
  • Site Plan

Reasons to get involved

Be featured in the largest annual architecture festival with an international audience

Winning design will be seen by an estimated 1.6m passersby

Challenge existing thought with an alternative to “gentrification” (preserving the area)

Empower the local community to connect

Invite friends, family & associates all summer


Registration Re-Opened
Following calls from potential applicants to have a chance to take part now that circumstances have changed & the deadline extended, we have re-opened registration until 1st April – it only gives applicants 12 x days to enter, so its their choice.

Please note, the competition is being run independent of London Festival of Architecture and is not endorsed by the festival.


Subject to fundraising, if the winning design is built it will maintain the essence of the Harringay Warehouse District, and be entirely self-built by a team of local volunteers.

London Festival of Architecture
The self-build phase and a launch event will be listed as an event in the London Festival of Architecture. This gives the project both a hyper local relevance and an international audience.


Subject to fundraising, the Tottenham Pavilion will be open to the public in 2021. We are in discussions about housing in permanently in the borough.

Programme of Activity
The team are actively speaking to warehouse tenants, local residents and nearby organisation to create a summer long programme of activity. Get in touch if you have an idea.

Register for Competition
Re-Opened until 1st April

Following calls we have re-opened the registration. The competition closing date will not change, so it is your choice to enter.

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