The Project Plan (2021)

An overview of how the Tottenham Pavilion project will operate - all aspects have been shaped through local involvement.

The site for Tottenham Pavilion is a fenced plot of land on the corner of Eade Road and Seven Sisters Road, in the London Borough of Haringey. The plot sits on the edge of Harringay Warehouse District and has been used in the past to host various temporary projects - most recently as a pop-up "Lockdown Garden" for some tenants during 2020.



Run by the original team of three, the project will be managed through a social enterprise Factory of Wonder CIC. Alongside governance, statutory and stakeholder responsibilities, the core role of the team will be the facilitation of community led ownership of the project for its duration on the site.



Tottenham Pavilion is a temporary space, occupying the land under meanwhile use - actively acknowledging the site has already been earmarked by the Landlord for potential development. The project overall will run for all of 2021, continuing until either its natural end or re-development, whichever comes first.


Once open, the idea behind Tottenham Pavilion is that the space will be managed and maintained via a cohort of local residents (with support and oversight continuing from the founding team). Over the set-up and build period of six months, the team will equip local residents with the skills needed to maintain the site, plan activities, manage events, market and build partnerships – alongside any additional fundraising required. All roles will be voluntary, with rewards built in via the Pavilion Pound.


A system of reward for time volunteered. All participants in the creation and subsequent maintenance of Tottenham Pavilion will be able to access a set of benefits. Benefits will include opportunities to eat together, access to paid events at a reduced fee or free, access to a toolshed and makers space, priority booking and other privileges yet to be determined.


A co-produced programme of events and activities will be created with local residents. A mix of regular weekly activities (discussion groups to wellness activities) and one-off events (exhibitions to makers markets). All events will be low volume, avoiding heavy amplification, with most expected to attract c.20-50 people. Occasional events will attract numbers of up to 150 people and may include licensable activities and the sale of alcohol – these will be managed via Temporary Event Notices. The site is not intended to be a permanent venue for sale of alcohol or large gatherings.


Tottenham Pavilion will be a car free site, with bike storage available. Landscaping and planting will be integrated across the site using moveable containers. Activities will include sustainable practices - upcycling and reusing waste materials. The ground of the site, currently uneven, will include new walkways to maximise accessibility and wheelchair accessible composting toilets will be included.

All communication and outreach activity will be shared through local partners active with a range of community groups to ensure everyone feels welcome to get involved / attend.


The impact of the project plans to extend beyond the time limited period of its physical existence. All materials used in the creation of the Pavilion will either be re-purposed on site or offered to local makers. Planted containers will be re-positioned across the wider neighbourhood. And, most importantly, friendships, connections and new networks will live on locally.

A toolkit on running co-creation and co-designed projects specifically in this area of London will be created to sustain future projects. The Landlord is keen to adopt the Tottenham Pavilion concept and seek opportunities to repeat the approach in some form each year.




Get your hands dirty. Perfect for anyone who loves being outdoors and active. This is D-I-Y on a large scale; learning new skills, meeting new faces and creating new memories. 

Site Preparation
Tidying up, creating new pathways, building the toilets and Makers Shed.

Planters & Planting
Landscaping on a large scale - help build planters and nurture what grows inside them.

Festival of Building
The construction of the Pavilion over 4 x weekends in June 2021.

Events + Event Hosts
Running your own events or help others to run theirs by being on site to manage the Pavilion.



Fire up your thinking with creativity and problem solving. Experimenting with freedom - a great way to try something new, build a portfolio, meet like-minded friends and do something different.

Share ideas on getting the message out or have a go at running a marketing project.

Photography, film, recording a podcast - we're open to any idea to document the experience of the project from start to end.

Linking up with other groups, organisations and businesses who might be able to play a role.

Contribute ideas and shape what events and activities happen at the Pavilion.


Now - May 2021

Already live, the team are actively seeking out funding opportunities. The bulk of the building materials and associated costs will be sought via crowdfunding campaign will be launched on in Spring ‘21. The rest is hoped to come from funding applications, sponsorship and earned income.

As soon as lockdown restrictions allow

As this project will be 100% built by the  local community, our top priority is to make enough people aware and get them signed up. Training and collaboration events will be held on and offline. Starting in as soon as lockdown restrictions allow anyone interested in landscaping will have access to the site, followed by sessions to programme all the activity, leading up to the Festival of Making over the summer months.

June 2021 onwards...

Scheduled to take place between June - August, the 'Festival of Making' will be an event in it's own right. Once safely constructed the Pavilion will be open for the rest of the year hosting weekly workshops, markets, exhibitions and other activities co-produced with the team of people signed up to make Tottenham Pavilion happen.