2020 Pavilion Design Competition

An architectural competition was launched to find a Pavilion design for a new kind of public space, inspired by the uniqueness of warehouse life.


Encouraged by the 2019 Pilot, a team of current and previous warehouse tenants launched a competition to find a design for the Pavilion – a design that reflected the unique characteristics of the Warehouse District and that would create a focal point for the space.

The open call got more attention than was planned, when it received criticism from leading architects for not including an adequate design fee. Open to the feedback, the team updated the competition terms and three of the vocal critics converted into advocates - volunteering as judges for the competition.

The competition received international attention, resulting in166 designs submitted from all over the world. The winner was selected by a panel of leading architects and established figures from the Warehouse District and Tottenham (with additional weighting from an online community vote). 

Explore all 166 design submitted, alongside the winning and shortlisted concept in the Designer's Gallery below.


Covid-19 and the Lockdowns impacted on the original timeline (postponing the build until 2021). The self-build event was originally selected to be a part of the London Festival of Architecture 2020, until it become a digital festival in June 2020. Instead of a physical event, a series of podcasts were recorded with leading architectural platform KooZA/rch, featuring warehouse tenants, artists, architects and industry figures as part of #LFAdigital2020.


The delay caused by the lockdowns created additional space to run a series of co-design workshops with local residents, creating ideas for wider activity on the site. Over the summer and early autumn of 2020, a series of seven co-design workshops were held on the site and online. Each focusing on a different theme. All ideas were captured in a Tottenham Pavilion Padlet, heavily influencing how the project developed. The Padlet is still live and continually collecting new ideas.


Podcast Series Launched

Tottenham Pavilion Conversations

Our project was documented through a series of podcasts by leading architectural platform KooZA/rch, as a digital contribution to the London Festival of Architecture. Through the interview series, KooZA/rch explored the project further by engaging in conversations with warehouse tenants, artists, architects and industry figures. Exploring notions of ‘site’, ‘public space’, the power and role of the competition and the typology of the pavilion within contemporary architectural and cultural landscape.

Listen to all episodes here our website, on Spotify, iTunes Podcast, GooglePlay
Find out more about each episode at koozarch.com

A massive thank you to our judges.

Clare Richards


Founder and director of ft'work (Footwork Architects), a non-profit organisation, working to help create thriving communities and ensure clear social principles underpin development within the built environment. Clare is also a patron of the London Festival of Architecture.

Katy Marks


Founder and director of Citizens Design Bureau, a co-operative company of architects, making good design accessible, humane and sensitively sustainable. Katy worked on the 2014 Stirling Prize winning Everyman Theatre in Liverpool, sits on various Design Review Panels and is a regular lecturer at Cambridge, theAA, Chelsea College of Art, London School of Architecture.

Sean & Stephen


Both halves of an architectural practice in East London have covered different stages of the judging process. Together they bridge disciplines; architecture, illustration, art, education, digital design & publishing. Clients range from Blackhorse Workshop in Walthamstow to Camden Collective.

Aida Esposito


Cultural and Creative Specialist, Aida is currently a consultant leading on the Creative Enterprise Zone in Tottenham. Aida specialises in identifying and articulating the space for culture and creativity in areas of urban renewal.

Ryan Hughes


A Harringay Warehouse Resident for over seven years. Ryan has used his architectural skills to develop and re-design a few warehouse projects, including a new artists' studio and exhibition space with the Harringay Warehouse District.

Ellis Gardiner


Director of New River Studios, an arts’ centre, studio provider, venue, education hub, cafe and bar, with a large and diverse range of users. Uniquely based within Harringay Warehouse District, Ellis is a well established innovator of the area.

Designers' Gallery

Feast your eyes on the outpouring of designs submitted, thanks to the generosity of the design community.

Winning Concept


Shortlisted Concept