Clash of differences

By Maria&Valentina

Connection to Harringay Warehouse District

Our proposition for Tottenham Pavilion is a difference itself in some way to the architectural environment of the Harringay Warehouse District but at the same time the building fits seamlessly into the situation due to the rectangular shapes of the plan and the facades. This building is a kind of sublimation of the whole idea of this District, a kind of magnifying glass in which you can look at from the other end.

Proposal Outline

Firstly, we would like to introduce not just a typical new building of that area – we wanted to create a new point of attraction, a swanky place where many people can hold meetings, workshops and other different kinds of events. This point will attract attention of people of art and creativity – so they will come and gather in this very point from all over the District.

Secondly, our proposition is mainly based on idea ‘Clash of Differences’ as an interpretation of spirit of this area. You can notice the main difference in organising places of exterior and interior. Everything is set up inside with industrial and loft style details, while the exterior demonstrates strict shapes and cold colours, contrasting with the environment. Speaking of exterior design, it also consists of composition of different constructions – the contrast of monolithic reinforced concrete and of light rectangular rod details – together all this parts create something holistic – they become a visually readable rectangular composition. A large percentage of wall glazing additionally facilitates the whole building, providing plenty of natural light for rooms. Furthermore, we added to exterior quite bold colours – bright yellow and pink, which can become an associative element for many visitors. Our concept of pavilion doesn’t have one certain style, because our goal was for every person to see the building at his own angle of perception, that is what mainly ‘clash of differences’ is about – it is about differences in perceptions.

Such a small area inside is divided into many subspaces, that, again, allows every user of the Pavilion to see in it its special functions and use this space for his own needs. The entrance zone is represented with a square ‘pit’ with a couple of stairs, where people can gather around before different events.
First floor consists of a cozy hall including a stage, where many events can take place – concerts, competitions, gatherings and even stand-ups.
The sitting places are very flexible – they consist of lazy bean and folding chairs – so people can even easily remove and clear a place for a larger action event. Near the stage there is a bar zone with bar chairs where people can also settle down.
Climbing the stairs we get to mezzanine – a perfect place for workshops, making installations and holding various competitions – it looks like a some kind of class, but the unique feature is a lack of inner wall, that allows to unite all space, not reduce it, and it lets see everything which is going downstairs.
Another feature of this building is an opportunity to get to the balcony: you can straightly get there from the stairs. The balcony is visually divided into 2 zones: wide entrance area of the balcony where a group of people can be gathered, and a narrow passageway along the whole building, which gives an opportunity to take a small walk for visitors.