By Xin Wang

Connection to Harringay Warehouse District

I have never been to The Harringay Warehouse District, but through the videos, photography and interviews, I strongly aware of the vibrant, free, open, artistic and unified atmosphere. Thus, My design is not only about providing a shelter for people’s activities but also visualise the spirits of Harringay Warehouse District to inspire more people at this global crisis time.

Proposal Outline

2020, the first year of the new decade, is destined for an unconventional year. At the beginning of the year, I was 28 years old, a time that I never thought would be this.
The earthquake in the Caribbean, the fire in Australia, the locust plague in Africa, the global pandemic coronavid-19 and the wildfire in my hometown, which took 18 fire fighter’s lives.
Obviously, this is a warning to mankind from nature. To warn people of their plunder, greed, arrogance, and selfishness.
What about human society? War, terrorism, political conspiracy, racism, and equality issues are occurring. At the age of 28, I doubt humanity unprecedentedly.
Race, continent, country, city, community, family, individual. How humans should act in different groups.
I am deeply touched by the Harringay Warehouse District. The vitality, freedom, creativity, tolerance and unity here illuminate this vulnerable moment. These qualities need to be presented and spread.
The two pieces of detached roof are open to the city intersection and naturally welcome the community. The simple and light steel structure can reduce the carbon footprint from production to demolition and recycling. Randomly distributed geometric sculpture columns refer to creativity and freedom. Highly saturated color blocks express authenticity and vitality. The open space has high flexible functionality.
I used physical material to display the spirits of the Harringay Warehouse District, hoping to bring courage to people in this special period, as well as that after my age of 28, this world will be like Harringay Warehouse District.